High School Online Pitching Lessons by Dennis Long

High School Online Pitching Lessons

Online drills, techniques, and lessons for high school pitchers who want to build strength and develop more pitches in their arsenal.

What Pitchers and Parents Are Saying

Dennis has worked with both my boys for the past years and is a true professional. Always upbeat with instruction and pushes them in new and creative ways every session. Dennis has become a true friend to the Snow family and always encourages my boys to reach for the next level, my older son is playing in college and my youngest is on his way. 
Doug Snow, parent
Big time thank you to the man Dennis Long himself. Definitely wouldn’t be the pitcher I am today without him especially after he helped me after my setbacks these past two years.
Adam Kirsch, pitcher

What's included?


Warmup Drill
4 mins
Change Up: Practice it - Use it - Learn to Love it
5 mins
The Blue Pad: Developing an elite Curveball
5 mins
The Blue Pad: A Simple Way to Understand Release Point
5 mins
Timing: Foot and Hand Together
5 mins
Body Control: Balance + Power
4 mins
Body Control: Flip and Balance Drill
4 mins
Mastering Breaking Pitches: The Curveball
3 mins
Mastering Breaking Pitches: Pitch Stix
4 mins
Pitching Consistently
5 mins
Lefty Pickoff Move
7 mins